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    € 35.000,- 


    13,5 m2

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It starts with the preferred model and lay-out of the sauna. Choose windows and door positions.   

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Make our rich equipped modules even more your own by choosing your interior and exterior finishes and add options from our option list.

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Our Medium+ Sauna

Length :                                        4,5 m

Width:                                              3 m

Area - Outside :                            13,5 m2

Area - Inside:                                  10,7 m2

Internal height:                             2,4 m

External height:                            2,9 m

Sauna Volume:                          16,3 m3

Weight:                                   a. 5,5 Ton

+ Version:                                    With 1,3 x 3 m overhang

The sauna shown is our Medium Sauna with standard seating and standard finishing.  Concrete tiles and outdoor shower are options.

There are many "sauna rules" out there that may make you feel that you have to take your sauna in some specifically defined way - no need to stress about that. The best thing about having your very own home sauna is that you get to make the rules. 

when it´s time to go home and relax

Our way of building

The Structure

The bones of a Beavers Woodland Sauna are made from a massive wooden structure. The whole structure is supported and lifted by an anti-rust treated steel frame.

All wood connections are doweled and sealed. Fasteners that are used are made from INOX A4.    

The Floor

A concrete slab is putt down on the wooden structure.. Optional floor heating is available. 

The Facades

Facades are made up of three parts.

1. Outer Core (The outer shell of your module)

2. Centre Core (The isolation of your module)

3. Inner Core (The inner shell of your module)

The cores can be adjusted entirely to your wishes. You can choose from various exterior finishes, insulation packages and interior finishes. Completely according to your choice and depending on the location of the module or the function of an interior space.

The Roof

Roofing is exposed to weather influences all year round. In particular, UV radiation, thermal and mechanical effects (wind, cold, rain, snow, ice, etc.) lead to high material loads and cause many roof waterproofing systems to age quickly. This is not the case with RESITRIX® EPDM. Thanks to the unique product properties, the roof covering can easily last 50 years.

Doors & Windows

We only use high-quality aluminum window and door frames. The frames have a high insulation value in combination with a profile that is as slim as possible. This allows you to enjoy the view optimally for years without maintenance.

The type of glazing is adjustable. From double glazed to triple glazed. You can also choose optional mirrored for extra privacy. 

Every body has it´s own taste, so add the options that appeal to you and that serve you. What if you rent your sauna to your customers. 

Give your customers the ultimate experience in our sauna  module

Sauna Heater

Do you prefer the traditional way of heating your sauna with a woodburning sauna heater or with an electric sauna heater, we offer you both options from premium brands like Harvia and HUUM.

Sauna Controller

Modern design and simple to use the mobile app with functionality from anywhere. The controller has modern design and is simple to use. The glass touch screen provides a modern and extremely flexible option for the modern sauna owner. This control operates time, temperature, RGBW lighting, and can even work with our Bluetooth sound system.

Sound System

Stylish speakers with stainless steel construction and brushed finish can be installed in a prime location inside the sauna. This also does justice to the sound quality of the speaker.

Access control

Use door access control for your customers.. Use your fingerprint, phone, a code or RFID to access your sauna.

Specially for commercial use there are several options available including time slots and video call from the sauna. 

Interior setup

Our broad range of wood species, profiles and dimensions caters for a variety of styles.  With natural or thermally modified wood options, and brushed and painted finishes to choose from, our unrivaled range will ensure that you can design your sauna experience that’s just right for you.

Himalaya salt

A salt sauna adds extraordinary health benefits to each sauna session. It helps create a sense of calmness and peace. When used in a sauna, Himalayan Salt release negative ions, also known as "vitamins of the air."
It helps to clear the air and ward off allergies, symptoms of respiratory disorders, anxiety, and breathing difficulties..

Plunge Bucket

Made from fabulous Kambala Wood, TyloHelo's infamous 29 liter bucket shower can be used both indoors or outdoors. It features a very comfortable wide water downpour with easy to dispense water flow and is hand operated using a heavy white rope fastened to the bucket as a centered loop..

Dousing Shower

Dousing showers are the perfect way to cool off after a sauna session. This specially designed flood shower allows cold water to fall onto the body without pressure in a wide, fan-shaped jet.  This promotes blood circulation, is good for the skin and strengthens the defenses of the immune system. 


Choosing the right lights for your sauna isn't just a matter of aesthetics; it's a crucial component of the overall experience. The right lighting can elevate your mood, promote relaxation, and even influence your body's circadian rhythms. It's about finding that perfect balance between functionality and ambiance, ensuring every sauna session is a journey to tranquility.

It´s know that sauna sessions are good for you health in many ways and are also extremely relaxing.

Improve your health by regular sauna sessions.

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